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  1. Njoirl Shigiko
  2. Bob Snaily
    Bob Snaily
    My favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist, but I also like Pokemon, I used to think anime was stupid, but here I am now, I like anime
  3. Kaiser Trigger
    Kaiser Trigger
    I won't fellate you- Kaiser Trigger
  4. Bryanok
  5. Kae
  6. EyelessFluff
    Really want a muffin
  7. Freaktheme
    Anime Club!
  8. Alzoryne
    *Something sad* lol.
  9. Alzoryne
    *Something sad*
  10. Ishisu_spirit
    #############Be wary of a person that always smiles. They can be carrying a lot more pain than anyone else can endure.
  11. Janime
    Totally would go for Pizza right about now.
  12. Kami-Paper-95
    Just another italian fanatic of japanese animated series!
  13. #swag Dragneel
  14. Kamika
    Little do you know.
  15. AoiHana
    New here! But I love anime so let's have a conversation :D Looking forward to meet you all *grins*
  16. Eski Boo
    Eski Boo
    1. Sonictalia
      You make good videos! You got a new sub!
      Jun 4, 2016
  17. Eski Boo
    Eski Boo
  18. Eski Boo
    Eski Boo
    Hey I'm really new to this website so I have no clue what the deal is here ( 'O')
  19. Samet Chan
    Samet Chan Hidden308
    Hi hidden308! I have a anime community it's 6th anniversary. We can partner site? :)
  20. KazehayaShota
    Anime suggestions please ! :)